Management Reporting Specialist

Job description:

• Forecast the cash flow 12 months in advance. Monthly reconciliation of differences between actual and estimated. Identify the main factors leading to discrepancies and find ways to control them, ensuring the forecast cash flow is close to reality
• Monthly report P&L, BS
• Forecast the cash flow in 5 years for strategy
• Ensure stability of cash flow. Propose a loan plan when it’s in need
• Control and analyze working capital
• Prepare materials for meetings related to the finance department
• Monthly synthesize the tough backlogs related to finance and accounting
• Optimize financial costs and financial revenue

Job requirement:

• Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, banking or equivalent
• At least 4 years of practical experience in Finance, Banking
• Ability to analyze and solve problems
• Ability to perform highly detailed work on multiple, concurrent tasks
• Good command of English
• Good at analytical skills (especially Excel, Power BI)
• Team player and flexible personality

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