Physicochemical Analyst

Job description

  • Preparation of general-purpose reagents, performing standard solutions, indicators, buffers, etc.
  • Checking room and equipment temperature, humidity in physicochemical Laboratory and record results.
  • Supervising the assigned control and measurement equipment.
  • Conducting and documenting testing in the scope of physicochemical analysis with all methods used in the laboratory
  • Report to person in charge of quantity, expiry, quality of chemical/standards
  • Participation in OOS investigation, open deviation.
  • Developing and giving opinions on the implementation of the quality system in the Quality Control Laboratory (instructions for equipment).
  • Cooperate and support other sub-teams as assigned
  • Preparing, checking analytical reports and Certificates of Analysis
  • Performing the transfer of analytical methods from another laboratory. Participation in the implementation of new products in analytical subjects
  • Solving daily issues related to testing of raw material, finished product, stability studies and in-process control
  • Making reports, summaries of the resulting investigations along with the interpretation of the results and recommendations received.

Job requirement

  • At least graduate in vocational school of pharmaceutical/ chemical/ biological field
  • At least 2 years of experience in related fields
  • MS Office 365: Microsoft Excel, Word
  • Be meticulous, honest.

Please contact our Recruiter or apply via email