Printed Material Management Specialist

Job description:

  • Collect and keep up to date all information related to Printed Materials (PM) i.e. the latest version approved by DAV, approved by QA print proofs from suppliers, packaging material specifications, manuscripts, processed CCRs;
  • Create and managing database of PM – it refers to storage in hard and soft copies of documents (i.e. approved artwork copies, packaging material specifications, technical files of packaging and other printed materials, history of changes of PM related to each SKU, manuscripts)
  • Ensure that appropriate and accurate PM data are registered in CPS (establishment of indexes, GS1 codes, PM descriptions, all information related to certain SKU’s index with appropriate statuses of PMs i.e. draft, approved, effective along with the effective date, superseded, obsoleted’ BOM) and Fast (BOM) and are up to date
  • Cooperate with the QA department regarding Change Control Process to insure that all CCRs related to PM will be consulted and agreed with the Printed Materials Management Team;
  • Cooperate with the Medical and RA Department regarding changes in inserts, to ensure that there will not be any mistakes in ordering and purchasing (RA Department will open CCR)
  • Control the process of withdrawing of “old printing materials” from production (including the cooperation with warehouse team in the write off process)

Job requirement:

  • Graduated in pharmacy field
  • At least 2 years’ experience working in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Understand the circular regulating the labeling of drugs and medicinal ingredients
  • Good at Microsoft Office
  • Basic English skills, especially reading & translating

Please contact our Recruiter or apply via email