Project Manager

Job description:

Project manager is responsible for planning and overseeing projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion and within budget. Project managers plan and designate project resources, prepare budgets, monitor progress, and keep stakeholders informed the entire way. This is all done within the confines of a company’s goals and vision. Project managers are needed on various projects, including construction, IT, HR, and marketing….

• Defining project objectives, project scope, roles & responsibilities.
• Defining resource requirements and managing resource availability & allocation – both internal and third party.
• Outlining a budget based on requirements and tracking costs to deliver projects on budget.
• Preparing a detailed project plan to schedule key project milestones, workstreams & activities.
• Managing delivery of the project according to this plan.
• Tracking project and providing regular reports on project status to project team and key stakeholders.
• Provide project updates on a consistent basis to various stakeholders about strategy, adjustments, and progress
• Identifying and mitigating potential risks.
• Managing the relationship and communication with the client and all stakeholders, ensuring the project is delivered to their satisfaction.
• Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation throughout the entire process

Job requirement:

• Bachelor’s degree in a business or science discipline or equivalent education/experience required
• 3-5 years of experience in project management or similar fields
• Proven experience in project estimation, budget control, people management, and risk management
• Candidate with experience in the pharmaceutical or in the FMCG industry.
• Candidate that has experience or knowledge in projects will relate to different areas of the company’s operation: production, marketing, HR, and others.
• Strong familiarity with project management software tools, methodologies, and best practices
• People who like challenges.
• Excellent analytical skills
• Strong interpersonal skills and extremely resourceful
• Proven ability to complete projects according to outlined scope, budget, and timeline
• Fluent in English

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