Job description

  • Organizing, taking part in, and providing process supervision over transfers and implementations of new technologies
  • Drafting transfer and process documentation, and ensuring its consistency with the documentation constituting the base for a medicinal product to obtain marketing authorization
  • Taking part in proceedings concerning inconsistencies in the process of manufacturing medicinal products
  • Improving the quality and efficiency of processes by implementing continuous development tools
  • Providing training and supervision over the implementation and application of technology to the production process
  • Working together with all the departments involved in the transfer to ensure seamless execution
  • Taking part in internal audits, contractor audits and inspections
  • Work directly with foreign manager

Job requirement

  • Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy or related field of study.
  • Fresh graduate or 1 year experience in the pharmaceutical production or pharmaceutical development.
  • Basic understanding about the systematic process of WHO-GMP or equivalent EU-GMP, PIC/S in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Good command of MS Office: Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point
  • Knowledge of problem-solving methods (5 whys, Fishbone, PDCA, …)
  • Good command of English (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing)

Please contact our Recruiter or apply via email