Domestic manufacturer
with European standards
We are EU-GMP certified, domestic generic drugs manufacturer. As a member of an international organization,
we have access to the European expertise and best practices from other markets.
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view products Davipharm - the one you trust Over 300 high-quality medicinal products manufactured in our factory in Binh Duong
are distributed nationwide and available for Vietnamese patients at affordable prices.
read more Partner of local community
and economy
Davipharm is strongly committed to support Vietnam economy. We contribute to the state balance in taxes, create workplaces and grow our export. But we also educate, inform and change attitudes of the society.

Davipharm Corporate Values

Our corporate values drive our activities and help to reach our business goals every day.

Asset 8@4x

Showing empathy and understanding a different point of view. Noticing others’ emotions and reacting to them in an appropriate and responsible way. Ability to listen and being considerate. Mutual feedback & Appreciation. 

Asset 9@4x

Taking care of every detail in the organization, doing all tasks with involvement and due diligence. Continuous improvement of knowledge and skills. Acting in accordance with operational standards.

Asset 4@4x

Looking for non-standard solutions aimed at enhancing the values and uniqueness of the organization. Initiating cooperation beyond one’s own area of activity. Readiness to face challenges.

Asset 10@4x

Accepting change and noticing opportunities resulting from it. Ability to analyze the situation, take quick decisions and be fully responsible for them. Ability to implement solutions fast. Ability to modify priorities.

Asset 11@4x

Developing organization’s values by realizing targets and tasks effectively and on time. Continuous improvement of current processes and one’s own competencies. Responsibility for taken decisions and action. 


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Products We Provide

High-Quality Generics

Our Team

Multinational Team of Experts

Michal Wieczorek

General Director

Arunkumar Muthumalai

Research & Development Director

Renata Dobersztyn-Hamerska

Transformation & Integration Director

Szymon Turynski


Truong Quoc Huong

Sales & Marketing Director

Wojciech Makowski

Operational Director

Magdalena Krakowiak

Head of Public Affairs and CSR Vietnam (Adamed RO)

Hoang Anh Chi

HR Manager

Our Investment in Vietnam

The New Standards of Healthcare

Investment in Binh Duong
Since end of 2017, when Adamed Pharma S.A., a Polish pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, acquired the controlling stake in Davipharm, the investment in our plant, property and equipment reached over $10 million.
First HP Zone for solid forms in Vietnam
Hardly anyone knows that our manufacturing facility in Binh Duong has the first and only solid form HP Zone in Vietnam. Davipharm expanded its capacity and capabilities in high-potency manufacturing to meet strong demands for its own potent drugs and to welcome contract manufacturing opportunities.
Southeast Asia Export Hub
Expanding the business by increasing its export portfolio is one of the key goals of Davipharm. By exporting our “made in Vietnam” high-quality medicines to other Asian and EU countries, we will improve the healthcare system in Vietnam and support Vietnam Government in boosting the trade balance of the country.

Latest News

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