Davipharm Kaizen Awardees Of The Year 2023

At Davipharm’s factory office in Binh Duong, we recently wrapped up our 2023 Kaizen program, evaluating projects alongside our employees, directors, and department managers. The session was dynamic, brimming with discussions and a proactive spirit to explore new solutions for process enhancement and a better working environment.

We’d like to acknowledge the remarkable efforts of our Kaizen awardees:

🏆Nguyễn Cao Trí: The Best Kaizen, recognised for reducing analysis time for specific products by HPLC

🏆Phạm Thị Hồng Nhung: The Most Active Kaizener, contributing 5 impactful improvement ideas

🏆Đoàn Ngọc Trí: The Most Active Kaizener, successfully implementing 3 Kaizens

Thanks to everyone for their 2023 contributions. Let’s keep motivating each other to make our workplace the best it can be. These achievers will be honoured at our upcoming year-end party.

Kaizen is our philosophy of continuous improvement, resulting in 39 ideas since 2020, saving over 3.3 billion VND and progressively improving product quality while reducing accidents.