Symptomatic treatment of vertigo.
Elderly suffering from loss of memory, vertigo, lack of concentration or alertness, changes of mood, deterioration in behaviour, personal negligence, dementia produced by multiple cerebral infarcts.
Acute ischemic stroke (This indication is the result of a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial in 927 patients with acute ischemic stroke showed behavioral improvements after 12 weeks of treatment, especially in patients with initial severe neurological symptoms that were given drugs within the first 7 hours after the stroke). It is important to note that the age and initial stroke severity are the most important factors in predicting the likelihood of surviving after acute ischemic stroke.
Sickle cell anemia. (Piracetam has in vitro inhibitory and restorative activity and has a good effect on sickle cell in anemia patients).
Used as an adjunct in the treatment of muscular fibrillation of cortical origin

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Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical: N
Dosage form: Film coated tablet
Packaging: 10's x 6
Therapeutic area: Active pharmaceutical ingredient: