Davipharm Engages in IQMED x DAV Scientific Workshop

Davipharm proudly participated in the collaborative IQMED x Drug Administration of Vietnam (DAV) Scientific Workshop held recently in Hanoi from November 24-25, 2023. This event focused on the thorough evaluation of clinical, bioequivalence, and biosimilar dossiers, shedding light on pivotal aspects of Vietnam’s pharmaceutical landscape.

The workshop convened a distinguished gathering of local and international experts, offering invaluable insights gleaned from their extensive experiences across Europe, the United States, and ASEAN countries. The diversity of perspectives facilitated a robust exchange of best practices, contributing to an enriching exploration of the subject matter.

A key highlight of this workshop was the vibrant discussions between evaluators and regulators, emphasizing the profound significance of the topic and its impact on the pharmaceutical industry.

A resounding declaration echoed throughout the sessions: “Generic drug makers are the most valuable drug makers.” This statement underscored the crucial role played by these entities within the pharmaceutical ecosystem.

The outcomes of this workshop are poised to instigate positive changes within Vietnam’s pharmaceutical frameworks. The knowledge shared, coupled with engaging Q&A sessions, is anticipated to wield a transformative influence on drug manufacturing, EU GMP standards, foreign direct investment, and regulatory frameworks within Vietnam.

Davipharm’s participation underscores our commitment to driving innovation and progress within the pharmaceutical sector.