Davipharm’s 1st Kaizen session 2024

On June 26th, 2024, at the Davipharm factory office in Binh Duong, we held an insightful session evaluating the ideas of the first Kaizen commission of 2024, attended by our employees, directors, and managers.

12 Kaizens were presented from the QA, QC, Packaging & Lean, and Supply Chain departments, collectively helping us save 665 million VND per year.

Among them, Kaizen 044 “Changeover PVC online without machine downtime” was the most effective and inspiring Kaizen, saving 310 million VND per year and reducing the risk of quality noncompliance.

The team comprising Biện Công Nhơn, Sơn Hoàng Hiếu, Thái Văn Chánh, and Trần Phạm Duy Khương from the Packaging & Lean department received the special gift for their efforts.